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Professionally Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Not all cybersecurity services are created equal. As a managed security service provider (MSSP), Omega Systems has the trusted experience and progressive solutions today’s mid-market and enterprise businesses require to reduce risk and minimize the impact of cybersecurity intrusions.

Whether you need a fully managed security platform or ancillary services to strengthen your existing posture, Omega’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to deliver the critical protection you need to safeguard critical assets and maintain healthy operations.

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Managed Security Services

A complete end-to-end managed security service, Omega’s managed cybersecurity solution delivers robust, multi-layered protection to help companies ward off modern cyber threats. With next-generation perimeter security, advanced monitoring and alerting, data loss prevention and ongoing vCISO advisory, our Smart Secure service protects the totality of your environment while you focus on your core business responsibilities.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Omega’s managed detection & response solution, Smart Guard, combines advanced threat monitoring and intelligence with SIEM logging, SOAR automation and 24×7 incident response from our in-house Security Operations Center (SOC), giving customers a comprehensive view into their security posture and complete protection against today’s most sophisticated threats.

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Vulnerability & IT Risk Assessments

Take proactive steps to improve your cybersecurity readiness by performing internal and external vulnerability assessments. External vulnerability scans identify risks to your network’s perimeter from the outside world, while internal vulnerability scans assess for potential weaknesses that exist from within your network.

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Endpoint Protection & Response (EDR)

Your network’s endpoints are the gateways to your sensitive information, and as such, are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks. Advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) services deliver enhanced threat detection, monitoring, and rapid recovery using machine learning capabilities. For added disaster recovery protection, EDR ensures you can return an endpoint to a safe state in the event of a ransomware or other malicious attacks.

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Employee Cyber Awareness Training

Advanced prevention and detection at the technology level is critical, but half the security battle still remains at the mercy of end users. To help ward against social engineering and other targeted phishing attacks, cybersecurity awareness training is a must. Omega offers an automated security awareness program, including simulated phishing campaigns, an extensive knowledge library and advanced reporting to help reduce employee-driven security risks.

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Benefits of Partnering with Omega Systems for Cybersecurity Services 

With Omega as your MSSP, you experience all the benefits of a multi-layered, premier security environment, plus:

  • Deep industry experience to help you navigate the common challenges present in your industry or vertical market  
  • Constant innovation so you never have to worry about using outdated or legacy infrastructure or practices
  • Commitment to compliance so you can align your IT and security resources to meet constantly evolving regulatory standards
  • Agility and personalization to ensure your cybersecurity program meets your individual objectives, needs and budget
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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional antivirus solutions struggle against today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Endpoint detection & response (EDR) technology offers a next-generation approach, leveraging AI and continuous monitoring to protect companies against security risks. EDR provides:

  • Proactive Detection: EDR goes beyond signature-based protection, identifying suspicious activities indicative of novel threats.
  • Deep Insights: It analyzes both file content and program behavior, painting a comprehensive picture of endpoint activity.
  • Rapid Response: Upon threat detection, EDR can automatically isolate devices, block processes, or quarantine files, minimizing damage.
  • Managed Services: EDR solutions like Omega’s provide expert monitoring and response, easing the burden on internal security teams.

A vulnerability assessment is a systematic process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing weaknesses in an IT environment. It’s a thorough security checkup for your computer systems, networks, and applications. Internal vulnerability scans look within your networks for security gaps or potential risk factors. External vulnerability scans target external IP addresses and look for weaknesses that hackers could potentially exploit to gain access to your systems. Both are valuable tools for effective cyber risk management and ongoing compliance.

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The aggressive evolution of cyber threats has led more and more businesses to turn to cyber liability insurance to fortify their operations. But the standard for coverage continues to increase – along with premium costs – leaving many companies scrambling to increase their security maturity and their IT budget. So what do you really need to do to secure proper cyber liability coverage?

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