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Measure and increase your cybersecurity effectiveness with an actionable roadmap that satisfies your security and compliance goals

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The next security vulnerability or threat could be the one that levels your business. But can you prepare for every potential risk?

With a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, you can take a proactive and methodical approach to security and risk mitigation – identifying potential weaknesses, closing security gaps, and aligning your overall cybersecurity and risk management program to best practices and relevant compliance requirements.

Omega Systems’ cybersecurity risk assessment services:

  • Assess your existing cybersecurity controls, plans and policies
  • Provide direct access to our IT compliance management portal to aid assessment efficiency
  • Report on key findings, gaps and opportunities to enhance your security program
  • Pair you with an experienced vCISO to review recommendations and plan for improvements
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Do I Need an IT Security Assessment?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Regardless of your size or industry, the data you hold (employee personal information, client or investor details, financial data, etc.) has intrinsic value. And in the hands of a malicious hacker, disgruntled employee or other unknown threat actor, that data could spell disaster for your organization’s operations, compliance standing and reputation.

Especially critical for highly regulated businesses, an annual cybersecurity risk assessment will not only assess your current security maturity but provide you with timely and actionable knowledge to remediate security exposures and align the entirety of your risk management program to regulatory benchmarks including SEC, SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA and other leading frameworks.



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Omega’s Customizable IT Assessment Deliverables

Whether you’re looking for a one-time evaluation or an ongoing, annual security assessment to support your organization’s risk management and/or compliance initiatives, our team of virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) will ensure a smooth customer experience that prioritizes preparation, transparency and proactive strategy.

Executive Reporting

Industry Benchmarking

Actionable Insights

Executive Reporting

To guide your business’ overall cybersecurity and risk management strategy, you’ll receive an executive-level report that defines your current security posture and identifies potentially harmful gaps within your infrastructure, controls, policies or governance.

Industry Benchmarking

Through Omega’s IT assessment portal, you can gauge your security maturity against a specific regulatory compliance framework to ensure you meet increasingly demanding requirements and avoid compliance delays or penalties.

Actionable Insights

Our vCISOs will review all security assessment data with your team and make prioritized remediation and proactive planning recommendations to help you properly approach your IT budget and overall risk management decision-making.

How We Measure Your Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Using Omega’s proprietary assessment criteria, which relies heavily on best practices established by the NIST CSF framework, we evaluate your organization’s security and IT maturity by focusing on priority areas, notably Identification, Protection, Detection, Response and Recovery.

Through a collaborative and goal-oriented process, we examine your organization’s security practices at the organizational, governance/procedural and system levels, analyzing gaps in your security control design and prioritizing remediation to help you effectively and efficiently attain your specific security and compliance objectives.

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Discover an Integrated Approach to Compliance

For companies in need of additional compliance advisory and management, Omega’s Smart Comply service offers fully managed IT compliance.

In addition to our cybersecurity risk assessment, Smart Comply includes critical data discovery technology at the front end of your engagement, so you can identify, track and organize data across your organization’s network. Plus, our vCISOs will meet with you regularly to review and update your information security policies, help you complete due diligence or cyber liability insurance questionnaires and ensure your cyber risk program consistently reflects changes to your business’ goals and risks.

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Prioritize Your Cybersecurity Maturity

Omega’s cybersecurity consultants will evaluate your unique risk factors and provide you with a roadmap to guide effective security and compliance into the future. Contact our team below to take one step closer to strengthening your security and protecting your business.

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