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Ensuring Healthcare Security Compliance

Healthcare organizations face some of the most complex IT challenges of any industry. Not only are they frequently targeted by cyber criminals, but many providers are struggling to navigate digital transformation amidst rising costs and strict compliance and data protection demands.

To help accelerate healthcare cybersecurity compliance while reducing costs, Omega Systems delivers technology management focused on efficiency, flexibility and security – a combination designed to help companies in this ever-changing industry balance productivity and efficiency resulting in confidentiality and security of proprietary business information and sensitive patient data.

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Healthcare Organizations We Support

Omega Systems’ managed IT services for healthcare are ideally suited to a wide variety of businesses in the healthcare field, including:

  • Hospitals and patient care service centers
  • Medical offices and practitioners
  • Resident care facilities
  • Medical device companies
  • Biotechnology and life sciences
  • Pharmaceutical companies
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Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Companies that operate in the healthcare industry and manage protected health information (PHI) must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA. This regulatory standard is designed to protect the privacy and security of this sensitive information, and maintaining HIPAA compliance is widely considered a complex, time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

With Smart Comply from Omega Systems, healthcare organizations can streamline the difficult IT compliance management process, leveraging automated data discovery technology and ongoing cybersecurity advisory to give over-burdened and under-staffed companies the leg up they need to meet HIPAA’s stringent expectations.

Discover the Benefits of Smart Comply

Critical medical security questions for healthcare providers:

  • What systems and processes are in place to detect increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats?
  • How often do you assess vulnerabilities across your networks and growing attack surface?
  • Have you prepared and tested your incident response plan to ensure operations can be restored quickly in the event of a security incident or breach?
  • Do you regularly train and educate your employees on common threats and cybersecurity awareness techniques?
  • What technical measures are in place to protect confidential patient data in the cloud?
  • What is your HIPAA compliance management strategy?

Robust Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Omega Systems provides a range of technological and compliance solutions for healthcare organizations to aid in both the prevention of malicious cyber threats as well as the response and recovery of such risk. From vulnerability and gap assessments to strategic IT budget planning, and advanced threat remediation, our certified cybersecurity professionals deliver healthcare IT solutions you can trust.

NextGen Firewalls & Perimeter Security

Advanced Threat Protection

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Omega’s managed cybersecurity service, Smart Secure, relies on the trusted foundation of next generation firewall technology, which monitors and controls incoming and outgoing traffic to your organization’s network. This barrier is a critical defense mechanism to ward off potential threats and enable secure communications to fuel your daily operations.

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Managed SIEM & SOC

Even with the most sophisticated perimeter security, malicious threats can penetrate your network. That’s why Omega utilizes security incident and event monitoring (SIEM) technology, live-time dashboards and data loss prevention methods to keep constant eyes on your healthcare companies’ endpoints. Our in-house Security Operations Center captures, alerts and reports on suspicious events in real-time – leaving you to focus on your core patient service priorities.

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End User Training & Education

End users remain an organization’s greatest potential weakness. Turn to Omega for critical cybersecurity awareness training support, including managed phishing exercises and periodic user training, to keep your employees current on potential threats and give them the education they need to take an active role in safeguarding sensitive data.

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More Critical IT Services for Healthcare

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Choose Omega for Healthcare Cybersecurity Compliance

Omega Systems can help you realize the benefits of a proactive, managed cybersecurity service designed to deliver the multi-layered threat protection you need to maintain operations and keep patient data safe. With Omega as your healthcare IT partner, you experience the benefits of:

  • A commitment to compliance: For highly regulated companies like yours, rest assured that from desktop to data center, we’ve designed IT solutions that enable efficient regulatory compliance.
  • Proactive monitoring & rapid response: The cyber landscape changes hourly. So why not rely on our expertise to keep a constant eye on your networks? And in the event of a breach – we’re prepared to get you up and running in a flash.
  • Unmatched customer service: Experience is everything. No matter the day or time, our team is accessible and responsive to your needs – and that’s a promise we’re never willing to compromise on.
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Partner with Omega Systems for a reliable and secure IT ecosystem. Get in touch today to learn more about Omega compliance solutions and services for healthcare organizations.

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