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IT Compliance Services

As security threats evolve and calls for data privacy ring louder, regulatory agencies at federal, state and industry levels are putting more and more pressure on companies to align with growing standards.

IT compliance services from Omega Systems provide the support your business needs to manage increasing compliance demands for cybersecurity and data protection with the assistance of skilled compliance consultants and best-in-class security practices.

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Managed Compliance

If you’re feeling the burden of IT compliance, let us help. Smart Comply, Omega’s compliance as a service offering, relies on a combination of automated technology and ongoing advisory to help companies effectively and efficiently navigate the IT compliance process. Whether you’re in a highly regulated industry such as financial services or healthcare or are merely security-conscious to want to get in front of future stakeholder expectations, our vCISOs will work alongside your business to mitigate risk, fortify security controls and establish or enhance your ongoing compliance program.

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Core Smart Comply features include:

  • Data Discovery & IT Assessment: Advanced data discovery technology and multi-framework security assessment tools to power cyber compliance
  • Strategic Advisory: Ongoing professional reviews and direct access to vCISOs to review gaps and design personalized compliance roadmaps
  • Real-Time Insight: Full access to Omega’s compliance platforms to provide critical, real-time visibility into your compliance strength and positioning
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Security and Compliance Assessment

A comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment is the most impactful and efficient way to identify gaps in your existing security environment and develop a list of priorities that dictate how to improve your cybersecurity posture to meet specific compliance requirements. Omega’s multi-framework assessment relies heavily on the NIST CSF framework – an industry-leading compliance benchmark – and will gauge your overall cybersecurity effectiveness by analyzing your IT controls, policies and procedures and governance structure. After a complete assessment, we’ll document your exposures and provide recommendations on gap remediation to aid in compliance management.

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Data Discovery

Data enters and moves across your organization at dizzying speeds, making it nearly impossible to keep track of what data you hold, where it’s located and who has access to it. Data discovery technology uses machine learning to scan your company’s network endpoints, end-user devices and cloud applications to help guide you in managing and protecting your sensitive data. Properly classified data can be used to quantify your specific risk, prioritize your most pressing vulnerabilities and assist in compliance benchmarking and auditing processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT risk assessments are an essential tool for building a robust and proactive cybersecurity posture, saving you valuable resources, protecting your valuable assets, and ensuring smooth operations. Unless you have clear visibility into your security operations, how can you ensure it is built to withstand modern cyber threats? IT and cybersecurity risk assessments help you identify and close security gaps and benchmark controls against best practices and/or unique compliance requirements.

More and more, regulatory bodies with oversight of different industries and verticals are setting expectations for IT and cybersecurity controls. The regulatory compliance standards are often intended to ‘level the playing field’ within an industry, ensuring all companies of a certain type or size are committed to taking a necessary level of care to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unnecessary data compromise.

  • Healthcare: Companies in the healthcare field are regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires specific security controls to protect the privacy and security of patient healthcare information. 
  • Banks: Banking institutions are regulated under the FDIC as well as the standards set forth by the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), which dictate specific needs for cybersecurity risk management practices to protect personal and financial data. 
  • Government: Law enforcement and state/local governments are required to comply with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Standards CJIS), which necessitate certain controls to enforce both physical and online access to criminal justice information. 
  • Financial Services: Regulatory bodies like the Securities & Exchange Commission and FINRA continue to issue new requirements for investment management and other financial organization to increase security controls and best practices. 

Supporting Highly Regulated & Security-Conscious Businesses

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Address Compliance Demands with Omega Systems

Growing regulatory pressure from government organizations, insurance agencies and other regulatory bodies is turning compliance into a critical organizational responsibility. Omega Systems is here to help. We can relieve your team of these demands while aligning with industry standards from NIST, SEC, HIPAA, SOC 2, CMMC and more.

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