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Managed IT Compliance

Take the complexity out of regulatory compliance with streamlined technology, strategic advisory and real-time insight from our vCISOs

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Smart Comply

Satisfy Increasing Regulatory & Stakeholder Demands

Whether regulatory-driven or the result of other internal or external factors, IT compliance management is increasingly leaving business and technology leaders with their heads spinning. To help ease this rising burden, today’s enterprises need an efficient and innovative solution to streamline, automate and manage the compliance process.

With Smart Comply, Omega’s managed compliance solution, companies can appropriately assess the current state of their IT and cybersecurity environment and leverage ongoing, automated technology coupled with strategic advisory to support a comprehensive governance, risk and compliance program.

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How Smart Comply Works

Omega Systems’ compliance consultants (vCISOs) hold multiple cybersecurity and IT compliance certifications and have deep expertise and industry-specific knowledge to help customers navigate the complexities of the IT compliance lifecycle. As cybersecurity threats increase – alongside regulatory, investor and stakeholder expectations – Omega works alongside businesses of all sizes and across all disciplines to mitigate deficiencies, fortify controls and establish ongoing compliance programs that will keep businesses safeguarded & compliant in the future.

And unlike other so-called compliance-as-a-service providers that resell a suite of third-party tools and technologies to make you feel as if your service is ‘managed’, Omega’s team delivers a complete and proprietary solution built on discovery so you have full visibility into your business’ unique vulnerabilities, risks and requirements before designing an operative roadmap for strategic compliance.


Data, Infrastructure & Risk Review

Review data discovery, CIS benchmarks, vulnerability risk reports & business technology with Omega vCISO


Compliance Assessment Review

Review and analyze IT Security & Compliance Assessment alongside vCISO to ensure constant alignment to regulatory benchmarks & operational goals


Policy & Procedure Review

Review InfoSec & Cyber Liability Policies (including deficiency review and cyber insurance questionnaire) to account for changes to goals, risks & overall strategy

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Is Managed Compliance Right for Your Business?

In today’s environment – with escalating cybersecurity threats, IT staffing shortages and increasing oversight of technology from internal and external stakeholders – companies cannot afford to let compliance fall by the wayside. Omega’s Smart Comply managed IT compliance solution delivers a strategic and sophisticated path forward for businesses looking to:

  • Alleviate the compliance burden on your current IT team
  • Satisfy regulators, investors, clients & other stakeholders
  • Fulfill growing cyber liability insurance requirements
  • Better understand the value of your data and how it correlates to risk

IT compliance management support is ideally suited to companies such as:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Registered investment firms
  • Government contractors
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Software companies
  • Insurance providers
  • Other companies subject to state, local and other data protection and IT security compliance requirements

Regulatory Frameworks We Support

As cybersecurity threats increase and regulators across industries and geographies try to keep pace, companies will need to comply with not only their core framework but additional benchmarks and best practices. In addition to Omega’s multi-framework IT compliance assessment – that draws from leading regulatory frameworks for broad-spectrum compliance – Smart Comply gives businesses access to a deep collection of regulatory frameworks and assessments, standardized by vertical industries, regional and international governing bodies, globally recognized non-regulatory agencies and more, to ensure you’re never more than a click away from compliance.





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ISO 27001

Confronting Cyber Compliance from the C-SuiteIT Compliance Whitepaper

As regulators continue to set substantial expectations for cybersecurity safeguards, CFOs, COOs and other executives – historically removed from the technology process – are taking on critical roles that demand more of their time and attention in an environment riddled with challenges (e.g. new cyber threats, labor shortages, rising inflation costs, supply chain disruptions, investor pressure, etc.).

By quantifying risk and aligning security priorities to direct and specific financial implications, C-suite execs can drive IT compliance and execute an organizational approach to risk management consequential to business performance and success.

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How Can We Support Your Compliance Journey?

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