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Data Discovery

Track, organize and apply values to your sensitive data to better inform security practices and meet growing compliance demands

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Data Discovery and Classification

Our inter-connected world – further accelerated by distributed workforces and advancing cloud technologies – has opened the door to exciting opportunities for digital transformation, but managing the high volumes of data we rely on across servers, applications and endpoint devices has become a complex task most businesses lack the resources for.

With automated data discovery and classification technology, today’s businesses can achieve clear visibility into their environments, support enterprise-wide data protection practices, and enable more efficient and effective compliance management.

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How Data Discovery Works

Knowing where all of your business’s data resides is increasingly challenging, especially as attack surfaces grow and legacy and disparate technologies create data silos that limit visibility. Data discovery tools cut through the complexity of data management and leverage machine learning to scan your network infrastructure, cloud applications and end-user devices and organize data based on specific levels of sensitivity. Plus, risk benchmarking applies data and vulnerability findings to map your business’s real-time breach risk and costs, helping you and your team prioritize remediation tasks.

By organizing and prioritizing data based on its risk profile, typical usage, regulatory applications, and other factors, businesses and their executives can gain a level of transparency to support enhancements to access control, permission structuring and specific data protection methods.


Always-on data and vulnerability discovery finds and flags missing patches, software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real-time


Create custom threat notification policies to eliminate noise and improve your team’s time to respond


Safeguard your network, endpoints, cloud systems and applications against threats like APTs, ransomware and insider threats


Mitigate risk with simple reports and an aggregated risk score that rates your business’s overall risk at low, medium or high

Quantifying the Cost of a BreachIT Compliance Whitepaper

Looking for visibility into how susceptible your company is to a cybersecurity incident – and what a breach would cost based on the value of your data?

With data discovery and classification, you can do exactly that.

Give your C-suite or board of directors clear visibility into your most critical risk areas, apply a direct financial impact to said vulnerabilities, and provide tangible evidence to support your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance efforts moving forward.

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accelerate compliance

Accelerate Compliance with Data Discovery

Data discovery is a core component of Omega’s managed IT compliance solution, Smart Comply. With Smart Comply, highly regulated and security-conscious companies can streamline the compliance management process with:

  • Data Discovery & IT Assessment: Advanced, automated technology and multi-framework IT assessment tools that power security and compliance
  • Strategic Advisory: Ongoing, professional reviews and direct access to vCISOs to review gaps and design personalized compliance roadmaps
  • Real-Time Insight: Full access to Omega’s compliance platforms to provide critical, real-time visibility into your compliance strength and positioning
Learn More About Smart Comply

Get Started with Data Discovery

Discover the clear benefits of data discovery and classification technology and take the necessary steps to protect your organization’s sensitive data from growing threats. Contact our team to learn more and get started.

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