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Advanced threat monitoring, alerting and automated incident response for real-time security protection

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Managed SIEM & SOAR

Leveraging the combined power of Omega’s security information and event management (SIEM) technology and automated security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) runbooks, companies can mitigate sophisticated cyber-attacks, identify the root cause of security incidents, monitor user activity, thwart data breaches and meet strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Companies that require most comprehensive managed detection & response capabilities — including 24×7 security investigation and incident response — should consider Omega’s Smart Guard MDR solution.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Threat Intelligence

Security Information & Event Management

Security information and event management (SIEM) tools are designed to collect, aggregate and report on critical cybersecurity data to accelerate threat detection and response in real-time. With Omega’s managed SIEM services, your business can efficiently and effectively:

  • Track activity across servers, network devices, workstations, etc.
  • Monitor, log and retain critical security information to aid in incident response
  • Enable proactive, actionable alerts for Omega’s SOC team
  • Automate SOAR playbooks to accelerate response efforts and increase SOC efficiency

Key Managed SIEM Benefits

Mitigate cyber threats and enable efficient compliance with critical SIEM & SOAR services from Omega Systems

24×7 Real-Time Monitoring

Forensic Analysis & Proactive Alerts

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Behavior Analysis & Correlation

Leveraging SIEM & SOAR for Advanced Threat Protection & Response

During a security incident, time matters. That’s why it’s critical that businesses partner with an experienced managed security service provider (MSSP) who can not only keep a watchful eye on the alerts coming into your network, but also take swift action to investigate and respond to threats. In addition to managed SIEM technology services, Omega Systems uses security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to automate incident response and enable rapid remediation and consistency during a security incident.

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How Does Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) Work?

SOAR utilizes the information logged by the SIEM to automatically investigate, prioritize and respond to advanced threats. Using pre-defined runbooks and workflows, SOAR intelligently automates threat response tactics, ensuring consistency and allowing SOC analysts to better allocate time and resources to priority alerts.

  • Orchestration: Centralized gathering & analysis of all security event information
  • Automation: Less repetitive, manual tasks & more integrated & automated process workflows
  • Response: Faster prioritization and remediation of security incidents

What’s In It for Me?

Omega Systems’ SOC Team leverages SIEM and SOAR technology to help customers minimize their overall risk profile and respond faster and more effectively to harmful threats before they disrupt operations. With SIEM and SOAR, you can:

  • Respond to cybersecurity threats faster
  • Optimize threat intelligence
  • Minimize your cyber risk impact
  • Streamline SOC operations
  • Identify & track threat trends over time
  • Automate security reporting
  • Enable effective IT compliance
Omega Systems Live Time Dashboards

Security Operations Center (SOC) 

Even with all the available threat intelligence at your fingertips, you need a skilled team that provides 24×7 security monitoring and support to extract the most value from it. Even mid-market and large enterprises with internal IT teams don’t have the necessary resources or budgets to build and train their own security operations centers (SOC). 

With Omega as your IT partner, you don’t have to. 

Our in-house SOC captures SIEM event logs as they’re being written to report and alert on events in real-time, helping your business proactively mitigate cyber risk and respond rapidly to potential threats. Our SOC analysts are trained and certified in forensic analysis and incident response and routinely filter and streamline alerts, so you only need to react to what really matters. 

SIEM dashboards and reporting

SIEM Alerts, Dashboards and Reporting

Your IT infrastructure includes a unique mix of network equipment, servers, storage and business-critical applications that generate massive amounts of log data. Omega Systems’ customized SIEM reporting and alerting uses all of that data to give you powerful insights into your specific environment. 

Audit-ready SIEM reports and customizable dashboards provide snapshots of actionable information and clear visibility into your business’ security posture at any point in time. 

Frequently Asked SIEM & SOC Questions 

SIEM technology utilizes machine learning and automated intelligence to identify potential threats based on recurring trends, behaviors and characteristics logged from data across your network devices, servers, applications and domain controllers. When discrepancies are spotted within your network, SOC analysts can quickly and efficiently take action to investigate and resolve issues before your sensitive data is compromised. 

Omega’s SIEM can provide alerts and reporting based on dozens of customized behavioral scenarios or security triggers. Frequently requested reporting mechanisms provide detail on: 

  • Brute Force Login Detection
  • File Backups 
  • Windows Audit Policy Change
  • Network Threat Feed 
  • Security Group Deletion 
  • Privileged Logins 
  • Active Directory Changes 
  • File Access, Deletion or Denial 
  • Server Logins 
  • Failed or Interactive Logins 

More and more, regulatory bodies are increasing standards for cybersecurity risk management and requiring specific evidence that demonstrates a business’ proactive methods for threat monitoring and incident response and remediation. In some cases, regulators even require SIEM logs to be signed and verified on a recurring basis – such as with companies that comply under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 

With quick and easy access to custom SIEM reports, businesses can effectively streamline their IT compliance management process and meet expectations under a host of new and increasing compliance standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and more.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) are both essential components in cybersecurity, but they serve distinct purposes within the security infrastructure. SIEM is primarily focused on collecting, analyzing, and correlating log data from various sources across an organization’s network to identify and respond to security incidents. It acts as a central nervous system, providing real-time monitoring and historical analysis of security events, helping organizations detect and mitigate potential threats.

SOAR takes a step further by incorporating orchestration and automation into the incident response process. SOAR platforms enable security teams to streamline and automate response activities, allowing for a more efficient and coordinated approach to security incidents. These platforms integrate with various security tools, enabling automated response actions based on pre-defined playbooks. SOAR not only accelerates incident response times but also enhances consistency and reduces the manual workload for security analysts.

In essence, while SIEM focuses on monitoring and analysis, SOAR adds a layer of automation and orchestration to improve the overall effectiveness of a cybersecurity program.

Let’s Discuss Omega’s Managed SIEM & SOC Services

In conjunction with other critical cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies, SIEM alerting and investigation can help companies reduce their overall security risk and more readily respond to and recover from cyber threats. Contact Omega Systems to learn more about leveraging the skills and expertise of our Security Operations Center and experience the benefits of our managed SIEM service today. 

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