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Benefits of an IT Risk Assessment

Benefits of an IT Risk Assessment

Technology risks are constantly evolving, and keeping a pulse on the unique threats to your business can be a challenging endeavor. Risk assessments provide critical focus to business and IT leaders looking to mitigate risk, maintain compliance, inform IT spending and governance, and support the overall success of their business.

When it comes to assessing your organization’s risk, consider these important benefits of IT risk assessments:

Identify Your Vulnerabilities.

First and foremost, technology risk assessments will help you identify potential threats to your business. Where are the weak points in your infrastructure? What gaps exist in your policy frameworks that could enable internal compromise or external threat penetration? A comprehensive risk assessment will help you pinpoint the specific risks to your IT effectiveness and benchmark your security maturity over time. Some tools – like data discovery and classification – can even apply specific risk profiles and financial impacts to your sensitive data, giving you even more clarity into the health and posture of your IT and data security.

Guide or Strengthen Your Security Program.

Once you have an idea of your key risk areas, you can put them to good use. Whether you’re a new launch developing your initial security controls or an established business completing a routine assessment, the results of your IT testing will give you the critical information you need to guide your technology and security budget and overall decision-making. Plus, it can provide a clear roadmap for enhancing your reputation with clients, investors, insurers, and/or other stakeholders.

Enable Efficiencies and Streamline Workflows.

The results of IT and cyber risk assessments also provide visibility into the effectiveness of your company’s internal and external workflows. Depending on the type of assessment you complete, you can more clearly identify where technology processes may need improvement, reduce time and resources needed for certain IT-related projects or tasks, and boost the overall productivity of your internal team.

Facilitate Regulatory Compliance.

Regulators are keeping watchful eyes on companies in many data-driven industries with the hope of increasing cybersecurity resilience and protecting sensitive data. IT audits and reviews such as cybersecurity risk assessments and vulnerability assessments can help streamline and manage the increasingly complex regulatory compliance process, giving companies critical insight into their existing security risks and aligning the most severe gaps with priority remediation needs. Whether your regulatory requirements stem from the FDIC, SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, CJIS, FTC or another agency, getting a handle on your requirements and a roadmap for compliance is a significant benefit gleaned from an annual risk assessment.


Omega Systems offers various IT and security risk assessments to help businesses evaluate their technology environments and guide their risk management programs.

Types of IT Risk Assessments we offer:

  • Network vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment
  • Data discovery assessment

Tell us more about your unique risk assessment needs and get yours scheduled today.

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