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Four Signs You Need a Managed Detection & Response Solution

signs you need mdr solution

To stay in lockstep with the increasing sophistication of today’s cybersecurity threats, the tools and technologies we use to detect and respond to said threats have also undergone a necessary evolution. Attack surfaces are virtually unlimited in today’s landscape, which means traditional perimeter-based firewalls, anti-virus tools and SIEM platforms no longer provide the necessary protection and intelligence needed to withstand critical cyber-attacks.

How can you know when it’s time to evolve your cyber risk management program and implement a more robust managed security solution, such as MDR? There are some clear indicators that can help you accelerate your cyber detection and response efforts.

What is Managed Detection & Response (MDR)?

Managed detection and response (MDR) services deliver a comprehensive security operations solution – combining security event monitoring and logging with active threat intelligence and real-time incident response capabilities to give businesses end-to-end cybersecurity management. Premier MDR solutions typically feature four key elements:

  • 24×7 monitoring and security intelligence;
  • Cloud-based SIEM logging and alerting;
  • Automated SOAR response capabilities; and
  • Rapid incident response by a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC).

Key Indicators for MDR Security Services

Sign #1: You Don’t Have a Dedicated Security Team…

Don’t have any internal security experts or resources? MDR solutions, when delivered by a qualified MSSP, can act as your security operations function and give you direct access to a team of SOC analysts trained and certified in security forensics and incident response. Not only can they provide 24×7 oversight of your environment, but they can proactively hunt threats and map industry intelligence to give you broad-spectrum control of your security environment – without having to source, hire, train and retain employees in-house.

Sign #2: …Or You Need Deeper Security Oversight/Incident Response

Perhaps you do have an internal IT function but just not enough capacity or bandwidth to keep up with the rapid response needs posed by today’s complex threats. If you need additional security expertise or access to a SOC team that can detect and response to cyber threats in real-time, MDR delivers complete visibility into your security posture and uses both SOAR automation and human response efforts to control threats before they compromise your integrity.

Sign #3: Your Current SIEM Tool Doesn’t Include Cloud Threat Monitoring

You might be thinking that traditional SIEM monitoring and alerting technology is enough to get by, but the current threat landscape requires a more sophisticated approach to security event logging and response. Most off-the-shelf SIEM tools and standard monitoring services only collect security data from network devices. Comprehensive MDR solutions (like Omega’s Smart Guard), pull SIEM logs from hundreds of cloud- and SaaS-based applications to give you a 360-degree view of your risk profile. With extensive cloud API integrations, MDR can take your threat monitoring capabilities to the next level.

Sign #4: Regulatory Compliance and/or Cyber Insurance Requires It

Have you taken a recent look at your regulatory compliance requirements or cyber insurance renewal details? There’s a good chance if MDR wasn’t already required, it is now. Industry regulators and insurance providers are elevating security benchmarks, and MDR is both a robust and cost-effective way to demonstrate to stakeholders that you have an accurate pulse on your security program. With built-in reporting and compliance features, managed MDR can provide easy-to-understand deliverables that meet regulatory expectations and keep internal management/board executives in-the-know.

Selecting the Right MSSP to Deliver MDR Services

Can you purchase an MDR widget off-the-shelf and install it yourself? Sure. But in most cases, your team is going to need support and experience to deliver the initial MDR package, execute on all its provided security intelligence, and provide ongoing cybersecurity remediation services.

Managed detection and response is not a ‘set it and forget it’ exercise. With that in mind, look for a managed security service provider (MSSP) who delivers a comprehensive approach to MDR and provides your business with the necessary expertise, resources and innovation to keep pace with a changing security landscape.

MDR + MSSP = Omega Systems

Security-forward businesses must look to next-generation managed security services and partner with trusted MSPs and MSSPs who can deliver broad spectrum protection against today’s most advanced threats. Ready to talk to Omega Systems about all this and more?

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