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CJIS Compliance Checklist

Use our Checklist to Manage CJIS Compliance Requirements

CJIS compliance checklist imageOrganizations that manage criminal justice information (CJI) — including law enforcement agencies; local, state and federal government; and third-party vendors that service all of the above — must comply with strict information security requirements set forth by the FBI’s CJIS standards.

If that includes you, you can enable a more effective and efficient compliance process by using Omega’s CJIS Checklist, which outlines the 13 key areas that impacted organizations must comply with, including:

  • Information exchange agreements
  • Security awareness training
  • Incident response planning
  • Auditing & accountability
  • Access control
  • Identification & authentication
  • Configuration management
  • Media protection
  • Physical protection
  • and more
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