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Cybersecurity Companies Serving Arlington, VA

The advent of the cloud has been one of the most compelling innovations in recent IT history. As it continues to grow and evolve, more and more companies are migrating their networks to the public cloud, where data isn’t constrained to on-premise centers and can be freely accessed from virtually any location. The question is: what can a cybersecurity company serving Arlington, VA provide that’s better than the public cloud?

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Arlington, VAThe answer is, of course, a private cloud. The public cloud, while convenient, sacrifices much of the control your company has over its IT infrastructure for the ease of operating within the confines of a new digital space. What Omega Systems provides is an enhanced experience of the same principle, providing you with cloud infrastructure without sacrificing control, authority, or flexibility.

Smart Host Private Cloud Vs. Public Cloud

The crucial difference between the public cloud and Omega System’s Smart Host cloud is that we are a service provider as opposed to just a platform. The public cloud is like a plot of land that you can build a house on. You have the space, but all the work still falls on your shoulders to create an infrastructure. You’ll have to construct it from the ground up, which takes time, effort, resources, and planning.

A few of the tasks you would need to accomplish to fully realize the potential of a public cloud platform include:

  • Orchestrating the platform’s services
  • Set up workflows
  • Build reports and dashboards
  • Upgrade and maintain your own robust security strategy

These are among hundreds of challenges you must complete before you can fully integrate your company into the public cloud. While the process does have its advantages, including absolute authority over the design and function of your cloud infrastructure, it’s a massive undertaking.

The Smart Host private cloud, by comparison, is an entirely separate entity. Omega Systems doesn’t offer just a platform, we offer a Managed Infrastructure Solution. We offer all of those services that you’d have to construct on your own and then add more for an optimized cloud experience that outperforms any cloud-based platform you’d find elsewhere.

What Smart Host Does for You

Our private cloud Managed Infrastructure Solution provides the basics of everything you’d have to work for on the public cloud without forcing you to do any of the work yourself. However, those services are just the start of what Omega Systems can offer your business.

Apart from the aforementioned essentials, Smart Host evolves beyond the regular expectations of the cloud by incorporating progressive security, enabling customized applications, and supporting a variety of compliance requirements. Other features included are:

  • Dedicated Support Teams
  • Tier 1 Hardware
  • Proactive, Evolving Security
  • Optimum Availability and Functionality
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure
  • Scalability

Once your cloud infrastructure is underway, we assign a dedicated technical team to your organization. This team is responsible for any future assistance you could need with your Smart Host cloud infrastructure, providing feedback and metrics to augment your decisions, planning, and strategies. All the while, you’re provided with a greater realm of control over your data and structure.

Smart Host details a highly effective environment with experienced teams who ensure your network performance is beyond reproach. There are no cybersecurity companies serving Arlington, VA that secure a higher functioning cloud platform service than Omega Systems. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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