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Cybersecurity Companies Serving Harrisburg, PA

Boasting about grandiose services and campaigning to deliver on promises beyond a company’s reach is the mark of a poor cybersecurity company serving Harrisburg, PA. Claims are not what make a great company, rather the proven results and accolades garnered through application of quality services, personnel, and support.

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Harrisburg, PAThat’s part of what makes Omega Systems different from other cybersecurity companies. More than bravado, more than hot air, every aspect of our expansive cybersecurity services is supported by a demonstrable emphasis on delivery of service. Our status quo is outperforming our competition, providing best-in-class technologies, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and more, not because it’s expected of us, but because it’s simply the best way we know how to provide for our clients.

Omega Systems’ Smart Secure Cybersecurity Solution

Managing the network security parameters in all its forms is a responsibility we take to heart. The implementation of our Smart Secure system establishes enterprise-level practices and services that leverages technology and 24/7 technical support to reliably tend any computer network in our care. Some key factors that differentiate us from our competition include:

  • Live Time Dashboards
  • Business Threat Analytics
  • Nationwide Service
  • Security and Compliance Officers

Perhaps most importantly of all is the customizable, tiered option-based model for our managed cybersecurity services. You aren’t required to pay for features you won’t use and don’t want. Depending on the complexity and various accommodations you’re looking for to augment your company’s network, you can allocate and design the perfect suite of services for your environment.

Live Time Dashboards

You can, at a glance and in real-time, observe and manage network data concerning your network’s threats, security, risk, and exposure. This presents actionable insights into potential vulnerabilities that may have otherwise gone under the radar without precise, fast-acting reports providing accurate overviews of your infrastructure.

Business Threat Analytics

Convenience and comprehensive oversight help maintain the highest performance you can expect from your network, all while ensuring your business data remains secure while meeting compliance requirements. Our custom built SIEM alerts and reporting tool provides top-of-the-line quick-view threat assessments that deliver actionable data that helps you quickly respond to threats, including malware, unregistered user activity, data breaches, or any other potential security incidents.

Essentially, you’re being provided with an extensive log of pertinent information that directly translates to proactive security adjustments. The massive amounts of info that comes through your network daily can be useless without our Business Threat Analytics, including services like SIEM that process this data into critical, insightful logs that specifically highlight the most important findings for ease of use.

Nationwide Service

There’s nowhere that Omega Systems cannot provide our services within the nation. Harrisburg is one of many regions that directly benefit from a long-reaching network accessible from anywhere at any time. Nationwide service means no dead areas, uninterrupted connectivity, and a reliable access to your network even if you’re halfway across the country. Distance should be no obstacle to productivity.

Security and Compliance Officers

No other managed service provider has an on-staff security compliance officer that can provide you with the readily accessible insights for any occasion. These freely available experts will be able to guide you on any decision-making path, offering advice and opinions that can inform your direction moving forward.

These are only a few examples of what makes Omega Systems one of the most outstanding cybersecurity companies serving Harrisburg, PA. Our devotion to exemplary work is seen in our actions, not our words. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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