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Cybersecurity Companies Serving Lancaster, PA

You want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for when looking into cybersecurity companies serving Lancaster, PA. That means premium work delivered from a source you know and trust, work that derives from a dependable company. With a continual rise in outsourcing popularity, it’s more and more challenging to know that the product you’re receiving is actually performed by the people you’re hiring and not spread out among third-party outliers.

Cybersecurity Companies Serving Lancaster, PAHere at Omega Systems, we provide the genuine article of managed cybersecurity, all derived from internal sources. Rest assured that every solution, service, and representative is verifiably from our company. Keeping all our work internal means we can guarantee a consistent level of quality performance from a reputable source.

IT Support Through Our Smart Response NOC

The value of a completely internalized workflow is best viewed through our Network Operations Center, where we provide an all-encompassing eye on your network. Keeping an in-house NOC helps maintain an invaluable quick-access approach to the intricacies of your cybersecurity system, ensuring a frictionless flow of pertinent, actionable data.

The amount of information that passes through your computer network every day is massive, and much of it is ultimately meaningless clutter. Finding the priority information is like separating wheat from the chaff, a service that our Smart Response system provides. Our IT expertise helps bridge the gaps within your existing IT support division, broadening extant resources while increasing productivity through alerts, monitoring, and priority investigations.

Our NOC services are divided into two packages: NOC and NOC+. While similar in deliverables, choosing between the two is entirely based on the type of specifications you are interested in for supplementing your IT support department. These packages include:

  • Monitoring
  • Basic Alert Alert Reports
  • Priority 1 Response (NOC+)

In practice, these services keep your company informed and on top of incidents, your network and devices, and all real-time data that directly affects your company.

Monitoring and Reports for Optimized Security

Considering the influx of work your business has to contend with on a daily basis, ensuring the premium performance and security of your network is a brutal task in and of itself if you lack the resources to address it. That’s precisely what Omega Systems is there for – to provide the additional IT support necessary to keep your business functioning at optimal condition.

For instance, you can’t simply leave your network to its own devices, especially when it comes to overall efficiency. Our NOC engineers provide expert monitoring services through an IT professional lens. This means a vigilant watch over the effectiveness, performance, and availability of your network and internet. This leaves your company to function as normal, only alerting your team when it’s absolutely necessary.

As we sift through the massive amounts of network data, our engineers and Smart Response system generate quick-glance alert reports to keep you informed on the status of your network. These reports highlight the most valuable information needed to advise your decisions, analysis, and methods to reinforce your cybersecurity measures. Real-time data means every decision you make is informed by the immediate environmental factors of your computer network, ensuring up-to-date actionable data and insights.

Network Monitoring from Reliable Partners

Internalized teams keeping watch over your business’ security and network functionality means you always know who you’re working with. With no unknown variable involved, you’re provided with trustworthy information from a cybersecurity company serving Lancaster, PA. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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