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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services Washington D.C.

Any reputable IT professional will tell you that the cyber threat landscape is not a force to be made light of. As security technologies, practices, and policies continue to develop to protect companies from incursions and attacks, hackers create sophisticated malware pieces aiming to subvert these new cybersecurity solutions. Given time, even a company with the latest technologies will fall victim if they aren’t maintaining a monitoring and maintenance vigil on their network. Securing your data and infrastructure starts with utilizing the right cybersecurity risk assessment services in Washington DC from Omega Systems.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services Washington D.C.We are dedicated to staying on top of the cyber threat landscape, keeping tabs on new threats to ensure our clients are presented with the right preventative solutions to secure their network. We offer several cybersecurity solutions, including managed cybersecurity services, planning, threat remediation, and hardware procurement. However, our most notable services are our risk and vulnerability assessment offerings. Our teams are devoted to providing an outstanding experience for all our clients, living up to the tenets of the Omega Difference, highlighting our passion, determination, and dedication for giving each of our partners a clear competitive advantage in a saturated market environment.

Revealing Hidden Network Vulnerabilities

A compromised network won’t be evident until it’s too late. One day, what may be fully functioning can be taken down the next as hackers leverage a previously undiscovered vulnerability to your loss and their gain. Our risk assessment services afford a more precise picture of the architecture of your network, allowing our team to identify, detect, report, and respond to your weaknesses in real-time.

Business Security Analysis and Consultation

Every project begins with a conversation. The most comprehensive risk assessment procedures cover the entirety of an organization’s network, but that level of investigation in many cases is costly and unnecessary. For this first step, our engineers provide consultation services to identify and prioritize technological assets that need securing. The services for this step include:

  • Review of any prior security events and impact
  • Comprehensive review of client’s current security strategies and processes
  • Identification of key business tools and methods to determine security needs

Security (GAP) Assessments

Threats could attack your network either externally or internally. While you’ll find no shortage of malefactors attempting to pry valuable data from your network channels through extant vulnerabilities, gaps, or weaknesses in your security architecture, you also have to keep in mind that employees could also present vulnerabilities to the exploited. While rarely intentional, the wrong email could be all the leverage needed to hijack a portion of your network. To that end, the use of both internal and external vulnerability scans is a proactive maneuver designed to identify and rectify weaknesses from within or without. Some of the services we provide to this end include:

  • Execution of off-line firewall configuration audit
  • Execution of external network analysis scan
  • Execution of internal network analysis scan

Results and Reporting

The final step is documentation. Our assessment concludes with detailed reports on our findings, topped with informed recommendations for streamlined remediation procedures. Some of these services include:

  • Customized security engagement summary & recommendations
  • Network analysis report
  • Firewall configuration audit report
  • External vulnerability scan
  • Audit dashboards
  • Dark web forensics
  • File search for data breach liability
  • Internal vulnerability scan
  • Remediation plan directive

Cybersecurity risk assessment services in Washington D.C. from Omega Systems offer your company a chance to get ahead of your vulnerabilities. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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