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IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

There’s no easy way to predict when catastrophe wreaks havoc on your company infrastructure. There are preventative measures to take, remediation policies to follow, safety precautions to install, but when a full-scale disaster tears your data center down there’s very little you could have done to stop it. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: always backup your data. While providing your own disaster recovery methods can wind up becoming prohibitively expensive, you have better IT disaster recovery solution alternatives for better protection.

IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

Omega Systems offers two critical factors that our competitors don’t: a privately owned and maintained data center and a triple data center approach. Not only do we provide industry-leading storage services, including extensive security measures to protect all your data, we’ve included multiple redundancy backup data centers in case the worst were to happen. Your company’s data is your lifeblood, meaning that keeping it secure at all costs is a priority. Not only can we effectively keep your data safe, we offer our services at a competitive market price.

What Our Data Center Offers

Let’s go through a brief overview of the high-value offerings our privately owned SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2-certified data center includes. Our 5,000-square foot center, compliant with multiple regulatory audits and accreditations, houses the Omega System private cloud, complete with extensive security measures safeguarding against any eventuality. Our structure, built from the ground up, was designed to handle and adapt to any and all modern challenges faced by data centers.

Our disaster and security measures take into account virtually any worst-case scenario, providing ample remediation and prevention responses for maintaining our data center’s integrity. Such extensive measures include:

  • Internal and external security cameras
  • Tier 1 hardware and software infrastructure for reliability and performance
  • Biometric access to sensitive areas
  • Mesh core walls and ballistic glass around servers
  • 13-foot ceilings and dual air conditioners for optimum temperature control
  • “Green” fire suppression system to mitigate fire damage
  • Diesel generator and redundant UPS units for uninterrupted power
  • Check-in desk for no unaccompanied visitors

Whether it’s a blackout, fire, inclement weather, unauthorized entry, or online intrusion, we take every step toward protecting our clients’ interests.

Our Disaster Recovery Solutions

There is no preventative measure that’s perfect. Fires can rage, tornados can tear buildings apart, hackers can slip through, and power can fail. In the event of the worst possible scenario, where your primary data is lost in our primary data center location, your data is still safe. Redundancy is the key for disaster recovery.

With our triple data center approach, Omega Systems has multiple off-site backup data centers: one in Pennsylvania and another in Ohio. Going the extra mile, as well as having an out-of-state backup center, guarantees a full recovery of data. While these are precautionary measures, they are monuments for our genuine desire to see your company’s information protected by any means necessary. Whatever the incident may be, your organization will always be able to recover.

The more preventative measures you place on a data center, the more secure it will be. Our triple data center approach, in addition to our onsite protection assets, ensure your company is provided with IT disaster recovery solutions like no other. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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