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IT Infrastructure Services Companies

The value of your IT infrastructure is influenced by many factors that may seem entirely out of your control. The IT field undergoes massive, rapid change with every passing year, meaning that solutions that may have worked a few years ago are now woefully unprepared to contend with the challenges of a modern digital landscape. The demands of your company’s bottom line and ROI mean that adjusting, fortifying, or renovating your company’s infrastructure may be necessary. When that time comes, working with qualified IT infrastructure services companies helps ensure you’re provided with best-fit solutions through high-value deliverables and customer service.

IT Infrastructure Services CompaniesThere’s a lot of work to be done ahead. We at Omega Systems want to get you there. Every step, from planning to deployment, leveraging deep industry knowledge and a workforce composed of some of the most brilliant minds in the IT field to optimize your company’s infrastructure with the right solutions and skill sets. Through careful planning, analysis, and design, reinventing your organization’s IT infrastructure can be done without blowing out your budget.

Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure

Your organization cannot function without an effective IT infrastructure. It’s the fundamental set of technology, software, and network components that enable your teams to access business-critical applications, collaborate with team members, source and input data into your database, and more. As the structure around which your entire company is built, ensuring your IT infrastructure is capable of reliably handling the massive workload placed on it every day is essential for meeting project deadlines, business goals, and user satisfaction.

Omega Systems works to provide top quality IT infrastructure services designed to seamlessly integrate with your environment, leveraging a change management system that helps our teams provide specialized, valuable solutions that do more than just address issues at face value. We take the time to understand how your architecture functions, and then use that knowledge to implement functional, long-lasting solutions.

Infrastructure Planning

Every infrastructure project starts out with a plan. In order to keep your project affordable and ready by the deadline, we start with proper planning, design, configuration, and testing to cohesively outline your new infrastructure build. Our project assistance includes:

  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Cloud migrations
  • Auditing

VAR Hardware Procurement

A vendor-agnostic approach means that every solution we deliver is handpicked from a selection of best-in-class vendors to ensure you’re paired with the right technology needed to support business operations. We’re not looking for the cheapest option or the most expensive, powerful piece of hardware. What you need is a solution that is perfectly suited for your company’s expectations, preferences, and requirements. Our procurement services include:

  • Desktops
  • Hardware
  • Backup
  • Servers & storage
  • Networking
  • Wireless

Dedicated Support

The more time you spend on diverting resources to fund a new infrastructure, the less you’re able to focus on what matters: your core business competencies. Omega Systems provides unilateral support for monitoring new trends and changes in the IT industry, allowing us to access high value technologies that offer dependable results. Our teams are dedicated to providing personalized experiences for evolving your infrastructure with responsive customer service, including:

  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • Problem/resolution response mapping
  • Structured support escalation
  • Convenient customer support portal

Partner with an IT infrastructure services company that has the history and work ethic to optimize your company. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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