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IT Network Threat Monitoring

The most damaging security breaches happen to companies who don’t see it coming. While these events may appear to be from the great blue yonder, and the organizations may claim that no one could have seen it coming, the truth is that falling victim to a cybercriminal’s latest malware package is inexcusable. Many are preventable occurrences, and even if an especially virulent strain infiltrates your system, there should be contingencies in place to minimize the impact and spread. More often than not, these issues come down to insufficient IT network threat monitoring.

IT Network Threat MonitoringAs important as monitoring your network is, you’re not always in the right position to develop your own in-house solution. Outsourcing to Omega Systems provides your company with the resources, support, and highly skilled engineers needed to cover the full extent of your infrastructure, augmenting your internal teams with 24/7 assistance.

Leveraging our Smart Response Services

Streamlining your organization by increasing visibility, tech support efficiency, and end-user productivity relies on knowing what’s happening within the context of your network. As your appliances, applications, and security devices generate data, patterns arise that indicate changes within your system. These changes affect performance, accessibility, and availability of services, and by collecting this data we’re able to identify potential incursions, breaches, and other threats that may impact your system.

We take a proactive approach, utilizing sensitive applications and technologies to examine all shifts with precise focus. Omega Systems’ Smart Response services are keyed to keep your internal teams informed, and should the situation call for it, provide responsive remediation services to the site. By prioritizing two services – monitoring and alerting – our teams can expedite workflow processes and capitalize on all real-time data that passes through the system for immediate results.

Network threat monitoring requires our teams to keep a pulse on everything that flows within your system, ranging from servers to your WAN connection. Sifting through daily mountains of information and cherry picking the most relevant data to focus on alleviates the pressure on your in-house team and accelerates incident response time.

Working with real-time data means we’re able to:

  • Inform and justify network decisions
  • Learn who is interacting with your networks and when
  • Analyze capabilities of your systems’ devices and applications
  • Keep your system secure
  • Provide “glance-and-know” alert reports
  • Prioritize incidents by threat level for appropriate remediation

Cybercriminals’ methods for breaking through system defenses are in a constant state of sophistication, evolving to undermine detection and preventative measures. By actively examining, analyzing, and filtering your company’s data through an IT professional lens, we’re able to catch these threats before they’re able to steal intellectual property, have unauthorized access to your systems, or cause data breaches.

Stay on Top of Threats

With Omega Systems at the helm, we’ll ensure you’ll never be blindsided by cybercriminals. Among our other service offerings, we can provide escalation through Smart Response, managed IT services to support your company, and a variety of other valuable cybersecurity offerings. Most importantly of all, all of our work is done in-house. No outsourcing, no cutting corners, you’re receiving the full quality of work from our teams.

Our custom built SIEM tools, handled by our highly accomplished workforce, are an ideal combination for effective IT network threat monitoring. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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