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Outsourced IT Help Desk Lancaster, PA2022-01-26T12:37:50-05:00

Outsourced IT Help Desk Lancaster, PA

As remote work continues to gain popularity with enterprising companies, help desks are swamped with more demands, requests, and tickets than ever before. For employees, whether they’re working from a communal office space or the comfort of their own homes, common incidents that disrupt business processes need rapid-response support from knowledgeable, familiar IT personnel. The challenge is that many IT departments lack the resources, experience, and time to prioritize incident remediation over core competencies, strategic tasks, and other business-critical projects. By partnering with an outsourced IT help desk in Lancaster, PA, freeing up internal resources provides your company with instant access to numerous benefits, mitigating IT shortcomings and modernizing your technical support programs.

Outsourced IT Help Desk Lancaster, PAWhile having full ownership over your help desk by using your internal teams to resolve technical issues is tempting, the scale at which incidents occur and need resolution becomes overwhelming. These solutions aren’t proactive or long-lasting, resulting in an insufficient support structure that struggles with accommodating network productivity past short-term fixes. Teams assigned to your help desk don’t have time to work on growth projects for your company, nor can they institute new protections to prevent future disruptions to any meaningful degree. Working with Omega Systems enables your internal teams to direct their energy toward projects that matter to your company’s continual growth and success.

Freeing Up Internal Resources

Sustaining your internal help desk necessitates pulling valuable personnel and resources away from other integral parts of your company. Like any management tactic, you’re playing with a limited number of variables, and by dividing your active engineers on business-critical projects with your IT help desk, your overall productivity deteriorates.

As more demands flood your help desk, your engineers will be forced on the back foot if they’re expected to address, diagnose, and remediate every ticket that’s sent their way. Effectively, you’re stretching your IT department too thin. Without enough experts on-hand to adequately maintain either your core projects or your help desk, service level quality devolves through poor management and inconsistent deliverables. Expounded costs, misaligned schedules, outdated knowledge bases, and limited experience further complicate how effective your technical support staff can be in your current IT environment.

An outsourced IT help desk is a cost-effective method for augmenting your IT department with qualified, attentive support. The help of a third-party IT help desk transforms your technical support program with immediate access to project maturity policies, tools, resources, and expertise without developing them yourself. Omega Systems’ Smart Response package offers both NOC and Escalation services to effectively monitor your systems, provide immediate remediation for incidents, deliver Level 1 & 2 triage, and enable your leaders to focus on strategic and innovative projects.

Transforming Your IT Ecosystem

Your engineers are the lifeblood and backbone of your entire IT environment. Help desks provide invaluable technical support, but leveraging your internal resources to handle minutiae is an inefficient application of skill, experience, and manpower. An outsourced IT help desk ensures your network is taken care of, minimizing common hindrances with appropriately prescribed response protocols.

An outsourced IT help desk in Lancaster, PA, lays the foundation for network performance enhancement, reduced costs, adequate tools for local and remote diagnostic tools and capabilities, and more. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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