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Outsourced IT Help Desk Philadelphia

Outsourcing has long been a cost-effective solution for the company that needs a service done affordably, quickly, and efficiently. There are simply times where your own internal support might not be adequate for the volume of incidents you’re receiving, or perhaps you’re trying to scale with sudden growth. The question that comes up, when looking into an outsourced IT help desk in the Philadelphia area, is how to determine what outsourcing company is right for you.

Outsourced IT Help Desk Philadelphia


Omega Systems aims to supply the precise service you’re looking for in a quality IT support outsourcing partner. The longer you don’t have access to a premier IT help desk, the more likely you’ll encounter an issue that grinds your organization’s productivity to a halt. Omega Systems provides the 24/7 support needed to provide the on-going foundational support that keeps your business running smoothly round-the-clock.

Providing Escalation Structure

Response time determines business functionality. When considering the size of a mid-market to enterprise company, the sheer number of IT incidents that may occur at any time is enough to dramatically hamper the productivity of a business. Without an organizational structure to effectively delegate these requests by priority and time it takes to resolve them, the pipes will get clogged.

Omega Systems’ approach to this response issue is what makes our services so uniquely effective compared to other IT support outsourcing companies. Each incident that arrives at our service desk is categorized based on the time it will take to resolve them. We provide Level 1 Service Desk Technicians to personally answer every call, and if they can’t be resolved within 15 minutes, they are escalated.

As it is, 90% of IT requests that flow through to our service desk can be effectively, thoroughly, and quickly resolved by our Level 1 Escalation Technicians. For those 10% of IT problems that require advanced resolution, we assign dedicated Technical Account Management Teams composed of Level 2 & 3 Engineers headed by a Team Lead to conclusively fix the issue before it disrupts your entire work schedule.

Through efficient incident response streamlining, our support strategy:

  • Reduces support costs or revenue losses
  • Improves incident response time
  • Sets communication expectations during incidents
  • Prioritizes IT needs

Our support desk is more than providing the solutions at all hours. Proactive engagement with your internal IT teams allows us to provide insightful details, logs, and reports to establish actionable optimization channels for your company.

Personalization Makes Omega Systems Better

We believe in constant improvement. While our teams could provide adequate support from the reserve lines, we want to do better by your company. We employ front-line specialists, engineer teams that are dedicated to familiarizing themselves with how your company works. An intimate comprehension of your network is essential for delivering top quality support.

Every technology environment is unique.  Solutions that work with one client have no guarantee of working with another. Prioritizing this level of familiarity helps foster a sense of competency, expertise, and collaboration between Omega Systems and our clients, allowing us to prove that we can be relied on for any technical incident or emergency.

Omega Systems is the best brand of outsourced IT help desk you could get in Philadelphia. We employ the best and brightest while committing ourselves to our customers every day. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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