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SIEM as a Service Providers

Security Incident Event Management, or better shortened to SIEM, is a critical layer of protection for your company that provides a security safety net when other methods fail. As insurmountable as you may make your network, the chances of never succumbing to the possibility of a cyber-attack are uncertain. There are always flaws in your system that can be taken advantage of, which is why an SIEM as a service provider yields a reliable layer of defense, handling certain aspects of security in your stead.

SIEM as a Service ProvidersPartnering with Omega Systems dedicates a capable outsourced team as an extension of your own in-house workforce, allowing you to focus your core faculties on other aspects of network maintenance, improvement, and decision making. Not only do we have many years’ worth of real-world experience and a host of engineers, technicians, and developers at the top of their field, we provide SIEM solutions using SIEM tools we developed ourselves.

Compliance, Security, and Response

Depending on the particular industry you’re involved in, you may be under pressure to abide by any number of regulations, codes, and expectations for securing your network. Highly-regulated industries like banking, government, criminal justice, and businesses are constantly working with sensitive data, making adequate protection in preparation for potential attacks and threats a priority.

A critical aspect of our Smart Response managed services includes yearly audits granting our company an SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC Type 2 certification, verifying that our company appropriately, professionally, and safely handles all data that passes through our system and data center. This, among a laundry list of other accreditations for which we meet or exceed expectations, is a symbol of our dedication to compliance, quality performance, and attentive business practices.

SIEM work, in particular, handles a massive influx of data from the plethora of different hardware and software technologies making up your network infrastructure. Everything compiled and indexed by our SIEM tools is processed and supplied as high-relevance reports detailing the full environmental activity and potential threats within your network. This includes monitoring real-time data taken from a variety of sources, including:

  • Brute Force Login Detection
  • File Backups
  • Windows Audit Policy Change
  • Network Threat Feed
  • Security Group Deletion
  • Privileged Logins
  • Active Directory Changes
  • File Access, Deletion, or Denial
  • Server Logins
  • Failed or Interactive Logins

The alert reports generated by our SIEM tools provide us with quick, valuable insight into security risks currently affecting your network. Then, backed with detailed information about the nature and location of the threat, incident response is swift and effective in repairing any damage before it wreaks havoc on your system.

Making Our Services Approachable

Defending your network against incursions isn’t a job that’s done without oversight. We prioritize cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of our work, and more importantly we take the efforts needed to establish professional etiquette as a foremost bridge between our companies. Our engineers are not only at the top of their game, but they’re well trained in the most up-to-date security practices, methods, and strategies for working within your network’s environment.

Familiarity, professionalism, and a drive to perform every task to its utmost completion sets us apart from other SIEM as a Service providers. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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