“In my ‘prior life’ at different insurance agencies, I have been the one in charge of fixing computer errors, etc., generally within the Applied program. Having been THAT person, I am sooooooo appreciative of all that OMEGA does and the great attitude and helpfulness of everyone I’ve ever dealt with. I just LOVE being able to email or call and have OMEGA fix it! My compliments to the whole organization.  :-)”

Kristie , Insurance Agency

“Omega Systems always looks at the situation from different angles, carefully thought out, and provides realistic solutions to real problems. I wouldn’t want anyone else doing the implementation because I know it’s done right the first time every time!”

Todd, K-12 Education

“Not only was I impressed by the immediate attention given to our issue, but Omega Systems personally called with status updates, each concluding with an exact time of the next update, until the issue was resolved.  Throughout this entire ordeal, I was confident Omega Systems would be able to restore everything in a timely manner. I cannot thank you enough for that level of response and positive results. It certainly verifies our decision to build on and strengthen our relationship with Omega Systems.”

Jim, Local Government

“My staff and I have learned a great deal in working alongside the Engineers from Omega Systems.  They share their expertise with us to help us better understand solutions.”

Craig, K-12 Education

“We have been working with Omega for about three years and found them to be very knowledgeable, responsive and professional. Our original relationship with them was through a hosted e-mail arrangement. This relationship has grown into a Cloud-based communications network, virtual CIO involvement, and a system monitoring and support relationship. They were able to bring the Cloud down to earth for us.”

Fredrick, Banking Finance

“Omega Systems’ project planning is PHENOMENAL.  When things happen at a planned pace with no surprises… I consider that the best customer service.”

David, K-12 Education

“Our company has been partnering with Omega Systems since 2014 and implemented their total managed services in 2016.  Their support / service has been a very positive experience for the overall company.  Our Technical Account Manager has been great to work with. His understanding of our company’s needs/requirements allows us to make sure we have the proper IT infrastructure in place for our business to run smoothly.  Omega’s attention and support to our IT systems allows management to focus more on growing our business.”

Keith, Business Consultation and Labor

“I can tell that Omega Systems has built a company where the key asset is the staff.  I am by no means a computer programmer, hardware specialist or networking guru, however I have learned a lot from Omega’s staff, which has added to my base technological understanding.”

Jillian, Banking/Finance

“From concept to completion, Omega Systems consistently meets our expectations for all of our projects and purchases.”

Bob, K-12 Education