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Confronting Cyber Compliance from the C-Suite

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IT Compliance WhitepaperAs regulators continue to set substantial expectations for cybersecurity safeguards, CFOs, COOs and other executives – historically removed from the technology process – have become critical players in the IT arena, not only overseeing budgets but staring down growing compliance requirements that demand more of their time and attention in an environment riddled with challenges (e.g. new cyber threats, labor shortages, rising inflation costs, supply chain disruptions, investor pressure, etc.).

Download Omega and Cavelo’s whitepaper, Confronting Cyber Compliance from the C-Suite, to learn more about:

  • How the modern landscape and borderless office have exacerbated cybersecurity threats
  • Frequent challenges at the financial & technology levels that hinder effective compliance
  • How CFOs and COOs can quantify risk and apply direct financial implications to their technology environment
  • How data discovery and classification can guide your IT compliance strategy
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