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The C-Suite’s Guide to IT Compliance

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Let’s not mince words. Compliance is a headache.

Often a cumbersome, inefficient, reactive exercise that — to regulators, investors, advisory boards and other stakeholders — doesn’t exactly instill confidence. Particularly given the rate at which cyber threats are evolving and standards are increasing, keeping pace is a considerable challenge.

IT Compliance WhitepaperAs regulators turn their attention to new industries and set substantial expectations for cybersecurity safeguards, CFOs, COOs and other executives are now facing immense pressure to ensure the IT compliance process maximizes internal efficiencies and that security practices ultimately minimize the cost of a breach.

In our latest whitepaper, Confronting Cyber Compliance from the C-Suite, co-authored by our partners at Cavelo, we examine not only the common financial and technology hurdles that hinder effective compliance but offer guidance for C-suite leaders on how to quantify their risk and align security priorities to direct and specific financial implications, thus enabling an organizational approach to risk management and compliance.

Read the Full Whitepaper Here

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