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Best Managed Security Service Providers Philadelphia, PA2021-03-25T14:48:00-04:00

Best Managed Security Service Providers Philadelphia, PA

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best managed security service providers in Philadelphia, PA. Experience, history, success-rate, offerings, service packages, resources, strategies, resources – the list goes on. Every single one of these categories can make or break a partnership with any given company. As important as availability of best-in-class technologies might be, the prioritized aspects should be in quality of deliverables: customization, dedication, personalization, and tailoring of cybersecurity solutions to fit what your company needs.

Best Managed Security Service Providers Philadelphia, PAYou need protection. Preventative measures provided through powerful cybersecurity technology can only be achieved by a company with access to industry-leading hardware and the expertise to implement it to its full potential. Omega Systems has partnered with Fortinet, a leading cybersecurity solutions company in the nation, to ensure you’re paired with a company that offers continuous, professional monitoring for your entire infrastructure environment. Getting started only takes a conversation.

Our Smart Secure Managed Cybersecurity Service

If you’re in a highly regulated industry, you have a lot of boxes to tick if you want your security infrastructure to remain compliant. Keeping your infrastructure up-to-spec needs more than just throwing whatever piecemeal security solutions you have at the problem – you need personalization. Rather than cobbling multiple technologies from multiple vendors together for a taped-together solution, Omega Systems integrates cohesive technologies for a seamless result.

The quality of our services shines through in our dedication to authenticity. We don’t take half-measures, even going so far as to design our own custom SIEM tools for compiling real-time data into comprehensive reports containing relevant and actionable intel. Having complete visibility across the broad spectrum of your company’s infrastructure is invaluable for finding where you need to improve performance, security, and functionality.

Omega Systems specializes in ensuring you receive offerings that are tailored to fit your needs. Our Smart Secure service is an option-based, tiered solution, delivering customizable service packages containing everything your company needs without the extra commodities you don’t. Every solution is a puzzle piece, leaving you with no expensive leftover pieces you won’t use and keeping security infrastructure streamlined, integrated, and neatly sized to fit any network.

The Human Element

It’s easy to lose track of the critical aspect that brings service to a whole new level – people. Procuring the right technologies, incorporating new solutions into your company framework, and providing 24×7 support aren’t performed in a vacuum. Omega Systems takes pride in having stellar employees with the motivation, passion, and work ethic to stand by our partners every step of the way.

Our cybersecurity professionals are at the top of their game, providing unparalleled customer service derived from deep industry knowledge pools to give you a preventative advantage. Our engineers possess industry-leading skill sets, including dedicated benefits such as:

  • On-going cybersecurity training
  • Team-fortified skill strategies
  • Real-world experience

First and foremost, in order to provide deliverables with maximum effect, our team members take the time to thoroughly understand your company’s infrastructure, applications, requirements, and overall environment. This provides them with the capability to effectively address and apply specialized solutions tailored to your company’s needs and challenges.

The reason why Omega Systems is among the best managed security service providers in Philadelphia, PA is because we care. Our available resources are expansive, our teams are composed of highly skilled professionals, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your company is protected for the long-term. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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