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Top Managed Security Service Providers2021-05-25T18:37:30-04:00

Top Managed Security Service Providers

The face of viral threats has evolved since the early days of malicious software pioneering. Incidents that used to be catastrophic twenty years ago have been rendered obsolete by your average antivirus software, while their latest iteration has upended new threats created last week. Cybersecurity threats and risks exist on rapid development schedules, forcing companies to contend with a mobile threat landscape constantly pressing on their network security parameters. Ensuring you’re partnered with the top managed security service providers provides your business with extensive knowledge, expertise, resources, and training to effectively protect your data, assets, and infrastructure against any threat.

Top Managed Security Service ProvidersNot every company will have the budgetary space or means to afford the extensive upgrades and personnel costs associated with getting network cybersecurity compliant with industry standards. Omega Systems provides a full suite of customizable service offerings that will update and optimize your security parameters. Whether you’re looking for a completely new, outsourced cybersecurity department or an extension of your own, being able to rely on a company with a proven track record for high-quality, proactive preventative solutions is essential.

What Omega Systems Offers

The truth is, keeping your network security compliant with punitive, regulatory, audit, or business standards alone takes up a sizable chunk of departmental and organizational resources. Patching up gaps and vulnerabilities in your systems, monitoring all activity across your organizational structure, developing extensive reporting algorithms that compile high-value data into understandable, easy-to-read reports, and so on are all responsibilities integral to a functional cybersecurity program.

It takes time to design a cybersecurity architecture that integrates well with company performance and infrastructure. Organically developing finely tuned solutions that match your current policies, dynamics, and functionality while enforcing unilateral protective measures is no easy feat. The digital landscape is constantly creating new sophisticated malware products designed to puncture even the slightest vulnerability in your company network security parameters. You don’t have time to waste trying to play catch up if your cybersecurity program isn’t up-to-par already.

The point of a managed security service is to outfit your business with an already established professional cybersecurity department composed of industry professionals. Omega Systems offers a Smart Secure solution, an option-based tiered solution that leverages customizable service packages to fit your company’s needs. Our key differentiators include:

  • Multi-layered security built on a tiered platform
  • Best-in-class UTM (unified threat management) hardware
  • Local professional support 24/7
  • Vulnerability scanning and risk management
  • Customizable logging & reporting capabilities, including SIEM reporting

Our goal is to deliver attentive, personalized solutions with service packages that provide comprehensive options for safeguarding your company’s network. We strive to go far beyond what’s typically expected of managed security service providers, including ensuring that even our least comprehensive Smart Secure service options exceed the value of our competitors’ best solutions. Half measures aren’t enough to cut it in the modern digital landscape, and providing fully managed and proactive cybersecurity solutions is fundamental to Omega Systems’ core principles.

Many of our competitors try to squeeze as much money out of their partners as possible by either implementing generic, half-baked solutions or overcharging for services they don’t need. Omega Systems distinguishes itself as one of the top managed security service providers in the industry by providing specialized solutions through customizable service offerings with personalized customer service. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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