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Vulnerability Assessment Companies

Running a vulnerability assessment scan isn’t exactly a complicated procedure. Most of the work is automatic, which means you can let it run and come back to view the results once it’s finished. While the work itself, in essence, is a far cry from the complicated coding, infrastructure design, and strategic security planning your IT department may be accustomed to, analyzing and acting on the final results can only be truly utilized to their full worth when a company well versed in the science of vulnerability assessment is responsible for it.

Vulnerability Assessment Companies

Omega Systems, among our many other faculties, thrives as a vulnerability assessment company. Many companies will be possessed by the first thing that demands their attention, notably the need to solidify and improve their extant security parameters against potential threats. The question is: how do you identify what sections, programs, and technologies need to be reinforced as a preventative measure against intrusion? Where are you most vulnerable?

Insight into Security Weaknesses

The acquisition of sufficient actionable knowledge about your own company’s network is the definitive first step on innovating security measures, practices, and processes. After all, what point is there to basing your entire security parameters on being entirely reactive to threats? Your incident response rate may be extraordinary, but relaxing on proactive measures means you’ll always arrive late to the scene, cleaning up after each attack despite having the means to prevent them in the first place.

Networks are intricate structures with lots of small moving parts, as any sizable coding structure will be. With every individual piece of hardware, software, and technology that’s included, the likelihood that something will go wrong and expose your company’s infrastructure will rise. Vulnerability assessments are not the end-all of preventative measures, but they provide critical direction in where your IT department must focus their attention.

Unlike with PEN testing, vulnerability assessments cast a wide net. They aren’t able to deduce the full scale, depth, and danger that each exposed section of your network poses, but what they are capable of is assigning relevant priority according to how susceptible they may be. The key value to take away from each assessment is a holistic perspective of where your company’s network currently is. From there, you can choose whether to remediate the higher priority sections or mitigate the less important ones.

These vulnerability assessments cover most of your network assets, including several use cases such as:

  • Credentialed and non-credentialed scans
  • External vulnerability scan
  • Internal vulnerability scan
  • Environmental scan

Understand Your Weak Links

Upon completion of your vulnerability assessment, you’ll know two important facts: what assets can break, and how they will break. From here, you can take the next steps in the process to remedy where your company is weak, plugging holes and sealing cracks before they can be exploited. These assessments provide a valuable insight into where your network can be improved. Partnering with Omega Systems to source a dependable, effective scan is all you need to ensure you’re given complete visibility into your infrastructure.

We’re there to help you along the way. Seeing all your weaknesses laid out before you may be alarming, but it’s the best starting point you can have for reinforcing your network. Partnering with the best vulnerability assessment company simply provides you with the competitive edge to comprehensively resolve your problems. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.

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