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Vulnerability Assessment Company Philadelphia, PA2021-02-26T22:33:59-05:00

Vulnerability Assessment Company Philadelphia, PA

Your network is only as secure as your understanding of its weaknesses. The digital landscape is an environment that promotes evolution and innovation, delivering greater and greater technologies for improving and protecting your business. By that same token, however, cybercriminals are constantly developing sophisticated cyber threats that aim to target and exploit even the smallest vulnerability in your system. To prepare for any eventuality, you need the assistance of a vulnerability assessment company in Philadelphia, PA.

Vulnerability Assessment Company Philadelphia, PA

Omega Systems provides the starting point for safeguarding your network data. A vulnerability assessment is intended to give your internal teams insight into the full scope of your security parameters, infrastructure, devices, applications, and more for chinks in the armor. A piece of redundant code, a glitch in your software, a backdoor left open – there are all manner of potential for your security to be compromised and your reputation as a company sundered. By taking the proactive route, you’re giving your company the head start it needs to keep your business safe.

Evaluating Your Environment

No system will remain impenetrable forever. As technologies continue to advance, and your company scales to accommodate more clients and a larger workforce, outdated programs or gaps in your security parameters that were never updated tend to remain behind and get paved over. While these are far from the only potential vulnerabilities that may be present in your system, they are a testament to a commonly held thread: vulnerabilities, more often than not, arise because something was overlooked.

Networks are incredibly complex, and keeping an eye on all the moving parts in the midst of your regular work hours is unfeasible. This is the central purpose of a vulnerability assessment: to provide a broad look over the full extent of your environment and identify, prioritize, and organize weaknesses that should be addressed.

In essence, a vulnerability assessment doesn’t do much more than alert your IT teams to points of vulnerability in your network. They don’t provide risk of danger to your company should they be exploited, they don’t measure just how vulnerable each issue is, nor do they remediate the problems. They compile a comprehensive list of what needs to be fixed in your company, informing your decision-making processes and providing keen insights necessary for building action plans.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Teams

Vulnerability assessments, as integral as they are to keeping your company safe, are only one service our teams provide. Equipping your company with the knowledge it needs to fortify its defenses against the dangers lurking in the internet is a critical service provided by our assessment teams. Along with extensive vulnerability assessments, we provide other cybersecurity services, including:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Unobtrusive data collection
  • Risk assessment report
  • Expert prevention recommendations
  • Remediation as necessary

Our capabilities extend beyond just vulnerability assessments. Should you decide you need it, we can provide deeper investigative assessments and even remediation should the situation call for it. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your network receives the appropriate protection it needs.

Omega Systems isn’t just a vulnerability assessment company in Philadelphia, PA. We also provide other cybersecurity services, including planning, threat remediation, and hardware procurement for optimizing company security protocols, parameters, and practices. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.