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Vulnerability Risk Assessment Firm Pennsylvania

Security vulnerabilities will naturally occur throughout your company’s lifespan for various reasons. Connecting to unsecured networks could result in numerous weaknesses across your infrastructure, compromising your data due to skipping critical updates, overlooking product vulnerabilities, or not resolving developer challenges. Your employees, clients, and customers entrust your organization with sensitive information. Anything less than putting the best security practices and protocols in place threatens your reputation and the safety of your clientele. With the help of the best vulnerability risk assessment firm serving Pennsylvania, Omega Systems, maintaining regulatory compliance and safeguarding your network from a growing cyber threat landscape can be accessible, intuitive, and easily aligned with your company goals.

Vulnerability Risk Assessment Firm PennsylvaniaWhile performing a vulnerability risk assessment is something that virtually anybody can do, it shouldn’t be crossed off as an easy fix you can simply assign to your own IT department. Your engineers already have other business-critical tasks on the docket to complete, and relegating resources to a vulnerability assessment reduces productivity and runs the risk of compiling an incomplete data set. A dedicated vulnerability risk assessment firm like Omega Systems ensures that your teams can focus on the essential tasks while our engineers take a comprehensive examination of your network infrastructure and its assets.

Benefits of a Vulnerability Risk Assessment

A company with the resources and experience to perform a task will always yield better results than keeping it in-house. The same concept applies to how a lawn care company can do better landscaping than an average homeowner. With how sophisticated the threats lurking across the digital landscape have become, anything less than an intensive assessment of your network could result in overlooking critical vulnerabilities that could later threaten your infrastructure as a whole. A cybersecurity assessment performed by a professional cybersecurity services provider ensures your company receives top-quality service and support.

Proactive Threat Identification

A vulnerability risk assessment is performed from the perspective of a cyber criminal, meaning anything uncovered throughout the course of the examination is as visible to hackers as it is to your own team. Finding your vulnerabilities first gives your teams an edge. Beating hackers to the punch and identifying your network’s weak points affords your company much-needed notice to strengthen your network parameters.

Technological Asset Inventory

One of the first steps taken for a risk assessment is cataloging your company’s vital assets. While examining your complete infrastructure is possible, most projects don’t require that level of investment. Instead, our engineers compile an inventory of your assets, including their product information and system purpose, and develop insights into the individual weaknesses possessed in each asset.

Vulnerability Priority

Once the initial scans have been completed, the follow-up details the risk your company faces. Not all vulnerabilities are significant, and determining which risks are the most severe allows for efficient remediation tactics to rectify the most pressing threats. The minor vulnerabilities can wait for the time being – ensuring you’re tackling any security gaps that pose an immediate threat to the security of your network data comes first.

The right vulnerability risk assessment firm in Pennsylvania does more than offer a report containing all the vulnerabilities currently affecting your network. Omega Systems provides recommendations for remediation strategies, ensuring that your IT teams and decision-makers are fully informed to choose the best path forward. If you’re interested in a partnership, call us at (610) 678-7002 or contact us at our website for a consultation.


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