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2023 IT Trends and Cybersecurity Predictions

2023 IT and Cybersecurity Predictions

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – when we pull out our thinking caps and crystal balls and attempt to predict the future. We asked some of Omega’s most knowledgeable IT minds to share their thoughts on cybersecurity and technology trends for the year 2023.

On the cybersecurity threat landscape:

“The increasingly mobile workforce will become the single biggest threat to enterprises as they struggle with how to properly secure remote access while keeping users productive.” – Rick Mutzel, Security & Compliance Officer

“This is not a new phenomenon, but I think you’ll see high adoption of truly proactive security efforts, in the form of managed cybersecurity services and particularly in areas such as security information and event management (managed SIEM) and SOC-as-a-Service. These active, aggressive methodologies give businesses much greater insight into what’s happening across their environments and afford them the opportunity to identify and thwart attacks before they become harmful.” – Andrew Neumann, Director of Managed Services

On IT and regulatory compliance:

“Cybersecurity insurance will become astoundingly more expensive – but cover less. Carriers will continue to elevate their minimum security configuration requirements, which means businesses will need to demonstrate exceptional cyber hygiene to even qualify for new or renewed coverage.” – Rick Mutzel, Security & Compliance Officer

“In addition to insurance provider standards increasing, industry regulatory bodies will continue to strengthen requirements for cybersecurity protections. Notably, we expect to see the SEC finalize its cybersecurity proposal this year, which will dictate strict cyber protocols amongst financial services companies and investment advisers.” – Ben Tercha, Vice President of Operations

On cloud services & optimization:

“I expect cloud cost optimization and efficiency planning will be at the top of many IT leader’s minds this year. As more and more companies leverage multi-cloud deployments and/or on-demand cloud models, it’ll be critical for them to invest in cloud financial management practices (FinOps) to help them better analyze and optimize their spend related to cloud computing.” – Steve Detwiler, Director of Cloud Services

On technology automation:

“One of technology’s most inherent benefits is its ability to ease our administrative burdens. In 2023, I would anticipate IT automation to be a leading trend, as more businesses lean on automated and AI-driven tools to streamline and enhance enterprise workflows, automate reporting and data analytics and modernize technology processes and communication.” – Andrew Neumann, Director of Managed Services

Keeping tabs on current trends in IT managed services, cloud technology, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance is not an easy feat. That’s why Omega Systems does the work for you. Lean on us to stay current with what’s new in tech and connect with our team to discuss how your business can enable a proactive IT strategy that prepares your organization for future technology innovation and evolution.

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