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IT compliance for healthcare blog

A Guide to IT Compliance in Healthcare

Healthcare IT compliance isn't just about rules. A data breach can damage patient trust, hurt your reputation, and even lead to hefty fines. Learn how to build a fortress around patient data and ensure industry-leading security.

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IT Budgeting best practices

Best Practices for 2024 IT Budgeting

Whether you’re outlaying investments for your in-house IT team to execute, choosing the right managed IT service provider to partner with or planning a combination of the two, preparing your 2024 IT budget should be a thoughtful and considerate process that balances the unique needs of your organization with your overall strategic priorities for the coming year.

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IT Challenges for Banks and Financial Institutions

Turn These Five Banking Industry IT Challenges Into Opportunities

For banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, modern IT challenges, if not properly planned for and executed, can swiftly derail operations and lead to seismic consequences. In thinking through the effectiveness of your IT operations, consider the following key areas and the challenges they may present.

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Benefits of an IT Risk Assessment

Benefits of an IT Risk Assessment

Risk assessments provide critical focus to business and IT leaders looking to mitigate risk, maintain compliance, inform IT spending and governance, and support the overall success of their business.

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