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The Coronavirus has forced businesses to examine their strategies, reprioritize decisions and change key operations.  Business leaders are all of a sudden reliant on data analytics and remote security, both of which have become priority number one to keep business moving forward.  Yes, these were important before, but with a workforce nearly 100% remote, the data driven approach has escalated tremendously.  Omega Systems understands the strain all businesses are now facing with this new “remote” world.  Organizations need to know how their business is going to stay productive and profitable, regardless of the on-going global changes.

The Internet is currently flooded with experts sharing coping strategies and varied forms of advice.  These are great starting points, but your business longevity is dependent on you implementing correct and meaningful changes now.Omega Systems maintains, monitors and secures data and infrastructures – the lifeblood of local essential businesses, and as such, we are well-positioned to assist other businesses during a crisis.

As a local cybersecurity and technology support provider, we are focused on 2 key factors…

1. Secure Remote Access and 2. Real-time Data Visibility, showing you the data you need to see and how you want to see it.

Tools for Network Visibility, Security & Support

  • Live Time Dashboards – Measure data to keep your business profitable and productive.
    Omega Systems uses data aggregators, analytic tools and SIEM reporting to create a platform for business analytics right at your fingertips.  Concerned about remote access and productivity? Worried about security and possible breaches?  Need to see login information and file access? We can create customize dashboards to show you the answers.
  • Secure Remote Access – Remote access creates the potential for data breaches.
    Omega Systems offers customizable, professionally managed cybersecurity service offering (Smart Secure). We leverage Fortinet’s FortiClient managed by FortiEMS to centrally manage multiple endpoints (computers) on private networks, not managed by the corporate firewalls.  We are able to automate capabilities for remote device management and troubleshooting.  With these properly configured tools, we gain visibility across your network to securely share information and assign security profiles to specific endpoints.
  • Dynamic Support Strategy – Core fundamentals of IT support have changed.
    Are you prepared for possible reductions to your support staff?  Have your hours of operation changed and now you need additional support?  Is your current in house or outsourced support staff overwhelmed? Omega Systems’ Service Desk and NOC teams are internally sourced and available 24X7X365 to supplement your current IT support needs.
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